Coronavirus, lockdowns and restrictions has made things particularly difficult for the elderly in your neighbourhood. You can always help look after those around you by checking that these vulnerable individuals are safe. You should always be sure to keep your distance and not put them at risk but if able, try to see if those near you have the ability to keep warm, have the food items that they need and seem to be keeping well.

There are also organisations like ageUK that have programs to help people reach out to those near them that may need help, called Neighbourly Volunteering. There are also several other ways to volunteer or help charities like ageUK that will make a difference. There is a digital buddy program, fundraising, donations or participating in lotteries or raffles.

One of the most positive things that has come from COVID is, in many ways, it has inspired people to be more compassionate for others and helped communities to come together to support one another. If you are in a position to help others then please do so, but do so safely so as not to put the most vulnerable at risk.