Among nurses it is typically not a popular option to go and work in a care home as it pays less than the NHS. Due to this and the unwarranted negative views of working in care homes, they are usually in a great need for nurses. Working in a care home can have some seldom talked about positives.

• A care home nurse has more opportunity to use their own initiative and gain valuable experience in time management/efficiency.

• At many locations, there are daily training sessions to help develop essential skills and increase experience.

• In care homes you get to build better relationships with your patients/residents.

• Care homes give you the rewarding experience of helping the elderly and infirm of the nation have the care that they need and deserve. For many, without a care home they would be alone, vulnerable and at risk.

Working in a care home is just as important, experience building and rewarding as working in a hospital. You also have the added benefit of being a bigger part of people’s lives and developing enriching relationships.