We really want to dedicate this post to all of those who work in care, healthcare and childcare. There are so many demanding job roles, which do not particularly pay well, especially considering the many years of training and experience these talented individuals have in their locker. They do not take on these jobs because they love working for the NHS, they do it because they care about people. We now find ourselves, as a country, struggling to fill our hospitals with nurses and our care homes with carers, and it’s no wonder why. We feel many talented healthcare professionals are underpaid and underappreciated, but we all know this right? But will anything ever be done? It’s difficult to say, but the first step should be making sure these hardworking carers, doctors and nurses get paid well, whilst working as part of large teams so they can actually take more than a 5-minute break if they’re lucky! The state of the NHS is at an all-time low, with too many talented individuals leaving the NHS to earn better money at Tesco, as well as shorter hours and longer lunch breaks!