Christmas can be especially hard for many elderly as it can be very isolating. There are several amazing charities that try to help the elderly throughout the year and especially during the holiday season. This year has been hard and isolating for everyone, but for older people this year has been especially difficult. Some of the charities that are trying to ensure that older people are safe and accompanied over Christmas are:

1. Age UK

This charity pledges to be there for the elderly year-round with an Advice Line open from 8am to 7pm every day, including Christmas.

2. Friends of the Elderly

Help older people with access to vital services and to avoid being lonely all year. They have launched a special Christmas appeal to aid the health and comfort of older people this winter. This Croudfunder goes toward helping people stay warm and fed.

3. Community Christmas

It mostly focused on supporting older people throughout the Christmas period but does have events and takes donations all-year-round.

4. Contact the Elderly

Seeks to foster community relationships for elderly throughout the year to help prevent loneliness and create a support system.