This year has been much more difficult for those who need to live in a Care Home as they have not been able to receive visitors as normal and the world in general has been a much crazier place. One way you can let your family member know that they are not forgotten is by sending them a personalised gift or their favourite personal care items.

Five Great Gift Ideas

1. A lightweight personalised blanket- you could get a blanket made with a family photo, grandkids or something close to their heart.

2. Photo Book- there are so many companies that print off small photo albums now and they make great gifts for family.

3. Their favourite skin care items- ensuring your family have ‘the little things’ can really help them to feel good.

4. Personalised Calendar- sending a calendar with pictures of their grandkids, their favourite animal or pictures of their favourite place is always nice.

5. Adult Activity Books or Adult Colouring Books- these can be a great way to pass the time an keep the mind active.