Taking care of an elderly relative is a big responsibility for anyone, but it is very admirable of you too. When you take on full-time care of a relative you may find that your home isn’t best suitable for your relative and it may require some modifications to make daily routines a little bit easier.

Mobility can be an issue for the elderly, from walking up and down the stairs to simply getting in and out of a chair. Hoists can come in very handy for moving your relative safely, minimizing the risk of injury to your relative and of course yourself too.

Hoists can be portable or can be installed into your home as a permanent fixture if your home is rented you would need permission from your landlord for these types of alterations.

Another way of easing the use of the stairs is to create a downstairs living space for your relative, meaning they wouldn’t need to venture up and down the stairs. If this isn’t an option, then installing a stair lift may help with transitioning on the stairs in your home.