Over the years nursing training has changed. Studying nursing at university offers you the chance to follow a career within the clinical field and provides you with the opportunity to develop. The only option to qualify as a nurse is with a degree, this is a recent change as there use to be an option to qualify as a diploma certified nurse.

With university entry requirements becoming harder, some are finding it difficult to pursue a career in nursing. Another option to assist with starting your nursing studies is to complete a bridging course at college, and this will help provide you with the stepping stone to getting your degree.

When you choose to do nursing at university, you must select and field of nursing you want to qualify in, e.g. Child health, Adult, Mental health, Learning disabilities or Midwifery. It is a good idea to gain experience within your preferred field prior to starting your degree, this will not only give you valuable experience but also help with your entry to university.