Taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s is a difficult task, both emotionally and physically. Here are some simple steps you may want to take on board when you’re caring for a friend or relative with this unfortunate disease.


As a caregiver, the first step is acceptance. You must accept that the disease has no cure and the mental state of your patient will continue to deteriorate.


Learn as much as possible about the disease so you know the symptoms, treatments and behavioural issues, thus preparing you for the task at hand.


Caregiving for Alzheimer’s is challenging and emotionally draining, and it is advisable to join a support group. The members share experiences and helpful ideas that reduce the pressure on the caregiver.


This is key to success. Try using simple instructions to the patient and create a routine that is easy to follow on a day-to-day basis. During meals, the caregiver should eliminate all possible interruptions like the TV, to help them concentrate on the meal.

Take personal time off

For the caregiver, it is important to take a break from it all, get some exercise and ensure you have a quality life.